It has long been recognised that controlled exposure of plant stock to the natural benefits of direct sunlight, rainfall and fresh air will improve their health, quality and appearance. Unfortunately, controlling the environment of a greenhouse is often problematic as we may experience all the seasons of the year in a single day and wind, rain or soaring temperatures will create unpleasant and potentially harmful horticultural conditions. Undoubtedly, such an environment will also deter customers from browsing in your outdoor sales area, which will limit buying opportunities and reduce sales revenue.


Naturelight has resolved these problems by developing a greenhouse with an electrically powered Fully-Opening Roof that offers access to the beneficial Ultra Violet (u/v) content of sunlight, natural irrigation and fresh-air while retaining the protective qualities of a conventional greenhouse.

The Fully-Opened roof allows more than 90% controlled access to the elements – on demand. The process can be operated manually or automated by linking temperature, humidity or rainfall sensors into a control unit and completes a full cycle of close to open, or reverse, in 1 minute.