A Naturelight Greenhouse creates the best of both worlds – a growing and display area that reaps the rewards of a natural environment whilst enjoying the shelter and protection of a greenhouse.

Damage and waste is significantly reduced and the health and appearance of plants is assured by achieving full, strong, compact growth leading to high yield and productivity throughout the season. This innovative, attractive and comfortable all-weather structure creates a pleasant retail and working environment for customers and staff, which optimises the shopping experience and prompts ‘Impulse’ buying decisions.


Tests were conducted between a Naturelight Greenhouse and two other conventional horticultural structures on the same site, when the ambient temperature was 29° Celsius in mid summer.

It is clear from the results shown in the graph that the Naturelight Fully-Opened Roof significantly reduces the temperature inside the Greenhouse to the benefit of the plant stock and customers. In extreme hot weather conditions the “misting” effect from plant respiration generates additional cooling so the atmosphere inside the Greenhouse is actually more pleasant than outside.