A Controlled Environment

Controlled exposure to the natural climate will promote the health, quality and appearance of your plants while still protecting them from potentially harmful wind, rain or soaring temperatures. Customers will be able to browse your plant sales area in all weather conditions therefore your sales revenue will increase.

The Fully-Opening Roof

The electrically powered roof cycles in 1 minute allowing more than 90% access to the elements – on demand; manually controlled or linked to sensors. It is approved for use in a retail environment and complies with all relevant Building Codes. The patented roof system comprising moulded polycarbonate panels and aluminium section is powered by Low Voltage IP66 Linear Actuators.


The patented roof system was designed and developed in the UK where it is still manufactured. More than 90% of the components and materials are sourced locally, which maximises security, control and flexibility over the supply chain. The moulded polycarbonate roof panels are u/v stabilised to prevent embrittlement and discolouration and the electronic controls and Linear Actuators are dust and waterproof to IP66 making the structure practically maintenance free.